Jill Fraser ear candles - Handmade by Reiki practitioners
Geopathic Stress Clearance kit

Create clear positive energy in your home or at your business premises. The Geopathic Stress kit contains everything you need to clear Geopathic stress from your environment and clear 'sick building syndrome'.

Sick building syndrome can affect our lives causing unexplained problems:
  • depression, sleeplessness, arguments, divorce, illness and experiencing many more complications in your life.

To protect from and alleviate these
problems, the New Horizon Life
Geopathic Stress Clearance kit
used on a regular basis will help you
to clear your home or business. 
It has proved to be very successful.

The kit contains everything you need including: 
Carefully selected crystals
Instruction manual
Access to a training video

Call 01507 578787

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