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Ear Candle Reviews

I love these candles they are amazing, the quality of the candle enables me to extract build of wax and sinus fluid/powder in use 1 treatment. My clients absolutely love them. The candles do not drip during a treatment and it sits comfortably in the ear whilst the client feels truly pampered. I definitely recommend these candles.

"Pure Indulgence Louth Sept 20"

A massive thank you for the candles recently purchased, after trying many brands previously they have always fallen short of my expectation. Since discovering Jill Fraser candles I'm so impressed at how well they have worked. My clients and therapists are very satisfied with the quality and I will continue to use these candles in the future."Don Wilson Therapist Nottingham"

Jill Fraser ear candles are excellent value for money they are fantastic and easy to use. I have been qualified in ear candling and working as a practitioner for nearly two years and have not found any other candles that beat these! They burn perfectly are hand made from high quality and natural ingredients which is what I love! I just love using them and would recommend to any one whether newly qualified or been ear candling for decades!! Emma Campbell Boston

With Jill Fraser candles you are guaranteed 100% quality throughout with the added knowledge that each and every candle is handmade by a beautiful dedicated team with natural products here in the UK and as a holistic therapist I would not use any other brand. Jill Fraser Candles gives me the confidence in delivering quality treatments to my clients and the feedback from my clients have been amazing.

100% quality 100% natural Jill Fraser candle each and every time .Penny Humphires Therapist Grimsby

Been using these candles for many years now, great quality and have had fantastic results. I wouldn’t use any other brand. Mominique’s beauty spa. Grimsby

Geopathic Stress Clearance Kit reviews

Upon receiving this kit and the initial set up I have to say I was very impressed with the results. As a family we experienced happiness and a sense of calmer within the home and relationships in the household. I also used the kit on a friends property, for sale, that did not get any interest on the first 2 weeks. After setting up the Geo stress kit she had multiple viewings and sold the house within a month. Her younger son was also sleeping better within the home. I would recommend this kit to anyone looking to cleanse their home, workplace or set up a new business venture.

"Mrs Craggs - Lincoln"

Chakra Balancing Kits Review

OMG it's been so powerful it was really subtle to begin with, I just felt some tingling in my forehead and crown and quite light headed. Over the past few days I've had a massive release of emotions from the heart, which has also manifested in a really chesty cough releasing everything I've been holding onto. I know it sounds strange but I'm starting to heal and feel clearer than ever now. Very powerful piece of kit I'm so impressed worth every penny!!

"Emma - Boston Lincolnshire"

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